Incoming Students

Incoming students at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (OS UAS) are classified into international degree-seeking Bachelor or Master students and into visiting students. Visiting students are additionally divided into exchange students from partner universities and free movers. The following chart shows the differences between these groups:

International Bachelor/
Master students
Exchange students
(study and/or placement
stay as visiting students)
Free movers
(study and placement
stay as visiting students)
  • Bachelor
    (BA, BSc or LL.B.)
  • Master
    (MA, MBA or LL.M.)
  • No degree*
  • No degree*
  • Bachelor: 3 years
    (6 semesters)
  • Master: 2 years
    (4 semesters)
  • Erasmus placement:
    minimal 2 months, enrolment only
    possible for min. 3 months or longer
  • Erasmus study:
    minimal 3 months,
    in total: maximal 1 year
    (1 to 2 semesters)**
  • minimal 6 months,
    maximal 1 year
    (1 to 2 semesters)
  • Full semester fees***
  • No semester fees****
  • Full semester fees

* Students must ask for recognition of the modules attended at OS UAS from their home universities (exception: students who aim to attain a dual degree).


** A third semester in Osnabrück for visiting students is only possible in exceptional cases, e. g. for the retake of examinations. This must be clarified afore with the IFO. Some dual degree students may also study longer than 2 semesters in Osnabrück. This depends on the agreement made with the partner university. In all other cases, the study stay can only be extended within one of the regular full-time programmes of OS UAS for which you must apply separately.


*** Some M.A. or M.B.A. programmes can additionally charge tuition fees.


****  Only for exchange students from partner universities coming within a cooperation agreement (like ERASMUS or dual degree) and within the agreed student mobility numbers


An overview of the exact amount of fees can be found at: Costs and financing

International Bachelor/Master students

International students of this group can attain a degree at OS UAS by completing a full Bachelor or Master programme. They can choose from a wide course offer at the Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences (BMSS). Please inform yourself directly on the homepages of the single programmes about their application and admission requirements. These may differ from each other in some respects. Moreover, the study period of some programmes can vary from the duration stated in the above chart.  


Bachelor programmes

Master programmes


Further information for foreign applicants is available on the following pages:


English website of OS UAS

Central International Office (CIO) of OS UAS


In addition, the website for incoming students of the International Faculty Office (IFO) offers you useful tips and information as to the topics (see left column of this page):


  • Academic calendars
  • Costs and financing
  • Campus card (= student ID card of OS UAS)
  • Internship
  • German courses
  • Study on trial
  • Insurances
  • Visa
  • Housing
  • Orientation days
  • Buddy programme

Exchange students (study and/or placement stay as visiting students)

Exchange students come from partner universities to study or to do an internship, or a combination of both, in Osnabrück.


In general, exchange students stay for up to two semesters, but cannot attain a degree of OS UAS. Students, who come to us within a dual degree agreement and who aim to achieve a Bachelor's or Master's degree at our university, are the exception.


No semester fees

Exchange students from partner universities, who come within a cooperation agreement (like ERASMUS or dual degree) and within the agreed student mobility numbers, do not have to pay the semester fees.


You can submit your application online via the website: Online registration for visiting students

Free movers (study and placement stay as visiting students)

Free movers are students who are enrolled at a university outside Germany which has not concluded any cooperation agreement with OS UAS. They can study up to two semesters at our university, without aiming for a degree. If they are interested in doing an internship in Germany, they can do so in the second term.


Students coming from a partner university, however outside the agreed student mobility numbers, can also be considered as free movers. The IFO will be free to decide whether this regulation is applied for the next intake or if further students from a partner university can be accepted as non-fee-paying exchange students.


The number of free movers, that can be admitted in every term, will be fixed by the IFO shortly after the application deadline.


In contrast to exchange students, free movers have to pay the full semester fees and they must prove their language skills by means of internationally recognised language certificates: Language requirements for free movers


Further details on the online application procedure are given at: Online registration for visiting students

Partner and cooperation universities

The following website provides an overview of the current partnerships of the faculty:


Partner and cooperation universities of the faculty

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