Course catalogue for visiting students

This page provides you with general information and important details on the courses on offer which are primarily taken by visiting students at the Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences (BMSS). You will not be enrolled in a specific study programme, but as visiting students at our faculty and thus you may choose modules from different programmes.



Study area International Business and Management

The below course catalogues contain all subjects (mainly German and English business management modules and language courses) which may be attended by visiting students at the faculty BMSS:

Overall course catalogue (including language modules)

Course catalogue of all modules taught in English


For an overview of the admission requirements for the modules at our faculty, please go to:


Admission requirements for modules taught at the faculty


Further information and instructions

Further details and instructions can be found on the following websites:


Module descriptions

Special seminars


Language modules und tutorials

Placement tests

Learning agreement

Online registration for classes


Examinations results - transcripts - grading system of OS UAS

Study area Social Work

The language of instruction of all modules within this Bachelor programme is German.


Course catalogue "B.A. Social Work"


For further details on the modules taught in this study area can be provided by the:

Contact persons of the programme "B.A. Social Work"

Study area Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy

The language of instruction of all the modules held within this Bachelor programmes is German.


Course catalogue "B.Sc. Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy"

Any query as to the modules taught in this study area can best be answered by: Contact persons of the programme "B.Sc. Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy"

Further study areas at the faculty BMSS

Visiting students, who are interested in further study areas at our faculty, can inform themselves on the homepages of the Bachelor and Master programmes about additional modules on offer:


Bachelor programmes

Master programmes


For the course catalogues, click on "Schedule of Studies" (or "Studienverlauf" or "Lehrangebot" on the German pages). The language of instruction in most of the courses is German.


To get a brief overview in English of our study programmes, best visit the English website of our faculty.


If the study programmes admit students in every semester (check "Kurzporträts"), you can assume that the modules of all semesters listed on the homepages should be on offer in the upcoming term. If they only admit students to winter semesters, in most cases only subjects of the 1st, 3rd and 5th semester will be taught in winter terms and of the 2nd and 4th semester in summer terms.


For any question, please feel free to address directly to the contact persons of the programmes. Alternatively contact your coordinators in the International Faculty Office (IFO).

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